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Sunday, February 24, 2008

SPP - Successful Product Promoting

How to successfully promote your product?

Let’s say that you have already chosen an affiliate program, design and content for your site. But how to promote successfully your product through your site’s content so the visitors would trust and like the product?

It’s all a matter of few marketing tricks, which I’ll share with you… I’ll take for example a weight loss product.

The product does a specific job. What?
Always ask yourself this question. If you’re searching for weight loss pills – why do you search for them? Definitely it’s not only for weight loss. Search for the psychological factor. This is what I’m talking for – “with weight loss 3000 you’ll loose weight and feel prettier, sexier and more confident.”

Always emphasize on “this is the product that really works”

Take action. No matter the good quality of your content, summon the visitor to take action! In other words to buy the product now. “Start feeling better today!”

Do not buy, Invest. Very simple and important for success. Never say the word “buy”. Use words like “invest” “investment” “deposit”.

Why is the Google AdSense integration with the design is so important?

Let’s say that you have a site with a good number of visitors, nice content to read and recommend. Also that you have Google AdSense, but you don’t earn enough form it. Why is this happening and how do you avoid it?

  • Positioning is very important. You have the right for three advertising fields and three link fields on every single page (plus a search box). This is a good amount for you to position targeting them for bigger payout. Always put an advertising field on the top of your site’s content, next to it, on the side panels or at the bottom. But why at the bottom? I’m glad you asked. Visitors may like some other self-advertising site and continue their reading with it. That means money for you.

  • Use the colors on the site for your ads. ALWAYS. If the advert does not blend with the site design and doesn’t look like a part of it would you click?

  • Show text adverts, not banners. Let’s face it – banners are boring, dull and unneeded. Instead use a text advert on your site which is describes precisely with few words what does it stand for. They are more likeable to the visitors.

  • And remember – put adverts only when you have good traffic to your site, or in other words – a big amount of visitors.

    How to choose or create a niche for my blog?

    Creating blog/blogs these days is very simple thanks to sites like Blogger, WordPress, Blogates etc. But rising above the competitors and receiving more visitors, well that’s not an easy job.

    What does a niche for a blog mean? In common that is the theme of the blog and what it’s creator is writing about. If you are planning to write in some overfilled category you should visit some well know affiliate forums for a quick consult. What do I have in mind? Imagine that you’re creating an IT blog for software and hardware news on your language. The niche is already overfilled with IT portals, blogs and forums. That is why you should distinguish with something – write for free software for example. Then you have a bigger chance for success.

    How to choose the correct niche? Naturally you have already chosen the theme for your blog – no matter if it’s a blog for weight loss, software, health, Search Engine Optimization or something else. But think of the sub-niches that you theme (weight loss) – weight loss by running, weight loss pills, fitness etc. Choose one of them and write for it.

    The formula is quite easy – choose, characterize, write.

    Monday, September 3, 2007

    Search Engine Weight

    The Search Engines give weight to objects located in the source code of your site(s).
    Here is a list of the most important objects for your site(s):

  • TITLE . 2.0
  • DOMAIN NAME . 1.0
  • HEADING TAGS . 0.5
  • BOLD or ITALIC . 0.4
  • FOLDER or FILENAME . 0.3
  • ALT TAG . 0.2
  • Possible total result is 10.

    Title Tag
    The title is a very important part of your web site, which is a short description for the page. The most important keyword (or the keyword you want to rank for must be first). Every html page must have a title and every other alternative tags must be unique. It's recommended that you don't use the same tags for multiple documents. Here are some advices for creating a title:

  • The title tag must be always after the head tag.
  • The keywords you use must be specific for you marketing niche(web site).
  • If using the same keyword, switch it's position (eg. Affiliate Marketing And SEO switch to SEO And Affiliate Marketing.
  • Titles should be between 5-12 keywords (less than 70 symbols).
  • You main keyword must be in the beginning of the title.
  • Try to avoid comas
  • Aim for 25%-30% density for every keyword
  • Always remember to close the title tag
  • Every page must have an unique description keyword or key phrase in the title
  • Don't change the title very often.

  • Main Body Text
    Use These advices for increasing the efficiency of you body text. These advices also
    cover the Keyword prominence (1.0/10), Heading Tags (0.5/10), Proximity of Keywords
    (0.5/10), Bold or Italic (0.4/10), and Alt Tag (0.2/10):

  • Make sure the you gather the most important keywords for your site and put them
    carefully in a paragraph at the beginning of the page
  • Keyword Density - if the text is less than 500 words try to keep 1-3% density. If the page has more than 500 words 3-5%.
  • Try to keep the number of the words on a page between 250-700.
  • Use CSS instead of font tags.
  • Use Header tags(h1,h2,h3,... h8).
  • Keyword proximity - Try to go up your keywords together, because the phrase may be an individual search form a user.
  • Put important keywords in bold and italic (eg. Internet Affiliate Marketing and SEO).
  • Use ALT tag to describe graphics.
  • Make sure the the size of your main page isn't bigger than 32k.
  • Try to keep your font size between 11px and 12px (in most web developing programs 2 or 3).
  • Try to avoid the table tag and use div instead.
  • Use the W3C technologies and principals
  • Update your text often, Search Engines "like" new content

  • METATAGS - Meta Description(0.3/10), Meta Keywords (0.1/10)
  • Meta Description - Write it in the form of a sentence.
  • It must be similar to the text on your page (less than 150 symbols).
  • Don't repeat the same keywords more than 2-3 times in the description, or use different forms of those keywords.
  • Minimize the usage of "and", "to", "or" etc.
  • Key phrases in the beginning of the meta tag will receive bigger weight.
  • Include the meta tag on all of your pages and try to keep it unique.
  • Don't fill your descriptions only with keywords.
  • Keep 5-10% keywords density.

  • MetaKeywords
  • Start from the most to the less important keywords
  • Use keywords and keyphrases.
  • Do not repeat one word more than 2-3 times.
  • Do not group same keywords together.
  • Put your keywords in the main body text.
  • Friday, August 17, 2007

    Affiliate Marketing Tools

    The simplest way to make money online working only a few short hours a week is to build a web site packed with content. So much content that once you've made a web surfer land on your web site, they will have to come back for more again and again. Content rules supreme on the new Internet!

    So where do you find a lot of it and for very little money? Well, you actually have quite a few options here. There are many article directories and many web site owners that will actually let you use their content as long as you keep the resource box intact. If you are new and you have just joined your first web master affiliate program, that's the best way to go about it.

    Free resources are easy to find and will really help you kick-start your business and earn money faster than you otherwise would if you were to write everything by yourself. Of course you will have to write some original content every now and then and the more you do the better your web site will be rated. It's good to have something new to add each week, even when you don't have time or inspiration.

    Another way to add new content is by using Private Label Content articles or PLC. PLC generally refers to articles, ebooks and manuals that are free for subscribers to use as they wish. There are a few restrictions, however: you cannot claim copyright to PLC, or submit it to article sites, unless you change the content significantly. Unlike free articles directories, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

    They have the very important advantage that you don't have to add a resource box, which always points to some other web site that can steal your prospective customers. You will probably get 10 to 40 new articles a month, depending on the market niche you are interested in. And these articles can really get you going and make some money with the Internet marketing affiliate program you've joined.

    How can you use them to make the most of them? If you have a hard time building mailing lists for your marketing campaigns then you can try to see if they would be more attracted to sign up for a 6 month long weekly course, which can be entirely comprised of PLC articles.

    And one last thing for you to thrive on the Internet marketing arena, don't use web site templates! I know free stuff is great and easy to find on the internet and I know there are tens of thousands of different web site templates out there, but they will not help you advance your business. You need to think out of the box, you need to be creative and you need to differ from any other web site your customers may see while searching for what they want to buy.

    So do yourself a favor and rather than downloading a web site template, try to learn a bit about how to build a web site yourself. It will help you a lot in the long run and will give you all the flexibility you need for a successful business. You can access a multitude of free affiliate marketing resources at MoreNiche™ affiliate program.

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Google AdSense

    What is Google AdSense?
    Google AdSense is a contextual PPC (Pay Per Click) program operated/created by Google. Uses the basics, similar to an affiliate program with the difference that, instead of getting commission for selling a product you get a % just for sending a visitor to the advertisers site.
    You should have enough content on your site so that Google can determent what kind of adverts to put on, related to the topic of your site. When someone clicks on the adverts you get a % of what the advertiser is paying.

    How do the adverts look and can I choose their size?
    They adverts are text links with small description below them. You can choose the size and the color of the adverts which will suite your site the best.

    Can I use Adsense to make money?
    Yes. Adsense is the easiest way on the internet for making money out of your website or blog. The advantage is that there are many advertisers on the net in almost every marketing niche. If there is a word that describes a universal affiliate program that is AdSense.
    The percentage Google pays for publishing adverts is not known to the public. That is to say, they don’t tell you the percentage that comes to you from the advertiser’s paying. Depending on the marketing niche in which the site is, you can expect payment from $0.05 - $2 per click.
    This is because of the fact that advertisers bid on the keywords that will show their adverts. The one who pays the most gets to show his adverts on the top.

    How do I get paid?
    Checks are cashed in banks, depending on the bank you use the time for receiving the money is variable. So when you choose a bank for cashing your checks ask about the processing time.

    How do I apply for Google AdSense?
    There are some important things that you should be aware of.
    You must have a good looking and SEO friendly site. It’s not really necessary to be an old domain with big traffic. If the site is commercial that will be an advantage. In common, if you want to make money from AdSense your site has to be an English one or in some other language(s) where there are many advertisers. How to get started is a previous topic I wrote about. You can check it out here. Once you’re approved for AdSense the submitting of a new site does not require new approval. It means that you can put them on any of your other sites. If you try to outsmart Google’s bots your account will be deleted with NO warning. You should know that some topics like (porn, casino, pharmacy etc.) will not be approved. 1str thing to do is to read the TOS (Terms of Service).

    Things you shouldn’t do!
    Do not click your banners, do not tell your friends to do it for you, and as I already said, don’t try to outsmart Google’s bots.

    Thursday, August 9, 2007

    10 Seo Mistakes We Should Not Make

    Internet Affiliate Marketing And SEO

    1. Do not use frames if your SEO is important to you.
    Don't risk to confuse the search engine crawling your site, doesn't matter if it's Google, Yahoo or Msn

    2. Try to avoid Flash for Linking
    Yes we all know that flash makes sites look beautiful, but they are kind of slow and hard to be classified by the Search Engines.

    3. Spare no efforts for writing titles
    Use words for the title that you use in the content of your page.

    4. Titles shouldn't be to long ( 70 symbols max )

    5. The content is IMPORTANT to you.
    Make sure your content is always at the top of the page, because Google evaluates the content on top for most important. The more you update your content the more users will be back to read it.

    6. Avoid graphic headers
    If you don't have much time to waist just avoid the graphic headers (they're a waist of time). Use text headers and concentrate them on the keywords you want to promote for your SERPs.

    7. Don't use only short tail keywords.
    Yes, it's true that short tail keywords (example : SEO expert) bring more traffic to the site, but there are users also searching with long tail keywords (example: Search Engine Optimization expert). Make sure your site(s) ranks for both short and long tail terms.

    8. Don't ignore link building
    It's important to have links from other sites in the same category as your site is. If you have a music site, you should get links from a music store site or another music site. It's good to have a big amount of links but it's not only the amount of links that Google counts, it also the PR and the trust of a certain link.
    What i mean is that it's better to have 10 links With PR6 than 1000 links with PR1

    9. Don't fill up your page with keywords
    You shouldn't have more than 5 to 10 times the keywords you want to rank in the content of your page, or you might get penalized for spamming. Always put the keywords you want to rank for in bold, italic etc.

    10. Don't use Duplicate Content
    Using duplicate content is a big crime for the Search Engines. It'll be a matter of time for your site to get banned and out of Google's directories because of the DC. Always write unique content on your page.

    Friday, August 3, 2007

    Getting started

    Internet Affiliate Marketing And SEO

    Getting started in business is a hard task. It requires more than just will, hard work and ambition. The main thing in business is the unique ideas that will lead you to the top. As we all know there are many promising ideas on the Internet to make money, but the problem is that there are many people doing the same thing as you and so the competition is very big. To avoid competitors the best thing to do is to start a new kind of business, something that hasn't been discovered yet. Now here is the hard part. Almost everything that is money making is discovered and you have to be a genius to discover something new. It's not necessarily for the idea to be complicated to make big cash of it, it can be something plain but it's very important to be unique.

    Try some of the easiest ideas making money. Open a blog, start getting traffic, post and then see some of the 100 easiest ways to make money online in my previous post.
    You can share your ideas for making easy money.

    Definition: stock broker

    Internet Affiliate Marketing And SEO

    The stock broker is a person who buys, sells or re-sells shares, or performs transactions in financial instruments on a exact market as an person (agent) of his/hers customers, unable/unwilling to do it themselves.

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    Shares Definition

    Internet Affiliate Marketing And SEO

    What are the shares?

    The shares are the percentage of stocks in one company owned by a person. The share either have limited voting rights or no voting right at all. They participate in the company earnings or, the bigger the earnings of the company are , the bigger the price of the shares is.
    Basically there are two main types of shares :

  • Ordinary shares - The ordinary share is the smallest unit in the company's ownership percentage. The ordinary shares can also be a risk to the company's business

  • Preference shares - are the pay back over times of the retained profits. They are income-fixed and you have the right to receive dividends before the ordinary shareholder, but only after loan stock holders have first received their parts